Basic              $19.95  / month

What you receive

  • Comprehensive 8 Page Web-Site describing in detail your job opening
  • Blind Box Email account to send and receive applications, resumes, and contracts with anonymity
  • On-line employment applications sent directly to your Blind Box Email
  • On-line uploads that allow applicants to send resumes, pictures and other info to your Blind Box Email
  • Download site for applicants to obtain forms & applications
  • Open forum Blog
  • Anti-spamming and Virus protection


Enhanced        $24.95  / month

What you receive

  • All the inclusions of the Basic tier PLUS
  • Detailed postings and Links to clients Web-Site on many Internet Job Finder sites
    These include but are not limited to sites like:    Lycos.com - InetGiant - OLX.com
    PennysaverUSA - ClassifiedAds.com - LiveDeal.com - USfreeAds.com and more....
  • Blog threads to further enhancing your reach
  • Direct Emails to other applicants for similar submissions


Premium        $29.95  / month

What you receive

  • All the inclusions of the Enhanced Basic tier PLUS
  • NEEAS places print ads for clients  (see example)
  • Client will be charged the actual cost of these advertisements      (Affidavits provided)
  • Local Newspaper classified ads - daily run    (additional cost typically $50 / day    see example rates)
  • Pennysaver type publications - weekly run    (additional cost typically $16 / week)
  • NEEAS will seek the best classified sources for client's area and offer you this option

Local Newspaper & Pennysaver type publications along with all other printed advertisements are by far the best way to find an employee. Using theNEEAS method enhances these results and is well worth the small investment compared to these services alone.


Finding the right applicant to fill your position can be a costly and exhausting endeavor. NEEAS can reduce the time spent while decreasing the overall expense  and other valuable resources.

What we provide:

  • Blind Box Email - You will be assigned an email account (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) for the duration of your posting.  A link will be provided for you or anyone you choose to access this account. All correspondence, applications, resumes etc.  from potential employees will be directed to this account. This will maintain your anonymity and keep your personal or business email accounts from public knowledge.
  • Concise Posting - By posting a complete job description with all requirements, unqualified or uninterested applicants will be eliminated.  Such a posting in the classifieds with a per-line charge, would be quite expensive. The NEEAS system allows for detailed posting with minimal lines in the classifieds; thus reducing both time spent with applicants and money spent on advertising.
  • Applications - Our on-line application can be filled out, printed or sent electronically to you by the applicant. Your place of business will no longer be interrupted by applicants, with pen in hand, struggling to fill out forms. This saves you time and the need to provide paper forms.
  • Resumes - Applicants can send their resumes electronically. No more interruptions from applicants "dropping-off" their resumes, stuffed mailboxes, cluttered desktops or annoying faxes.
  • Options - NEEAS offers several tiers of service.  These services range from complete packages that do virtually all the work for you; to a basic package providing cost saving benefits for those on limited budgets. Upgraded and customized services are available at no additional charge.
  • Downloads - Applicants can download forms, applications, samples and tips that will guide them in submitting the information you want.
  • Links - Valuable information  for both the employer and potential employee can be easily accessed.
  • Pay Less & Get More - Explanations, Examples and Ordering information
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