Finding the right applicant to fill your position can be a costly and exhausting endeavor. NEEAS can reduce the overall expense, time spent and other valuable company resources.   (details)

What we provide:

  • Blind Box Email - Clients will be assigned an anonymous email account (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) for the duration of your posting.
  • Concise Posting - Complete job description and requirement can be posted. You will no longer have all those unqualified or uninterested applicants.
  • Applications - Our on-line application can be filled out, printed or sent electronically to you by the applicant.
  • Resumes - Applicants can send their resumes electronically.
  • Options - We offer several tiers of service from complete packages that do virtually all the work for you to a basic service providing cost saving benefits.
  • Downloads - Applicants can download forms, applications & samples.
  • Links - Valuable information for both the employer and potential employee.


More Information


Marktronix Corporation is determined to become an industry leader in website hosting / development services, computer repairs, accounting services, marketing and management solutions for the Commercial, Consumer, Medical and Broadcasting communities.


Our Yearly Goals 


Free Computers24
Computer Repairs1250
Web Sites Hosted / Developed312
Customer Satisfaction100%


Our Team


Mark Skinner

CEO & Founder

Marktronix was founded by Mark in 1989. Offering computer repairs, website development/hosting, accounting services, marketing and management solutions for any industry.

Sasha Carpenter

Customer Relations

Sasha has been a member of the Marktronix team since 1997. As Customer Service rep for various departments, she makes certain that the lines of communication remains open.

Kris Phillips


Kris believes that every client is completely different and so is every project. It’s truly inspiring to watch thier specific needs start with an idea and end up a reality with his help.

Piper Taylor

Creative Designer

Piper has a passion for designing detailed, creative and modern websites & graphics, She is  always keeping an eye on the latest trends over website typography, shapes, colors, etc.

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